Meet our Partners


For Scan it is not just about warmth, but about delivering a perfect flame, enclosed in a design-conscious piece of furniture to suit the majority of homes. The combination of Danish design, brave ideas, and an eye for detail has turned Scan into a leading brand in wood-burning stoves.

Scan's factory is in Denmark, where they have total control of their raw materials, production and the finished product. This is how they guarantee their customers a positive experience many years down the line.

Denmark has a rich design tradition, which Scan is part of. They exclusively use Danish designers to create their stoves, thus ensuring totality and the right expression. Consequently, you can always recognise Scan by the clean lines, which are typical of good Danish design. They also have a tradition of setting new standards, and their designers approach every challenge with the aim of creating something new. This has meant that Scan has constantly gained international recognition, and have won several design awards for their workmanship.

For Scan heating is more than just a practical or aesthetic matter. They see their stoves as innovative pieces of furniture that suit a modern lifestyle. Through creativity, an eye for detail, and the courage to try out new ideas they have pushed ahead and shown the way both in terms of user-friendliness and the environment. Scan was the first to introduce sliding doors, glass with a 90 degree angle, and glass handles for inserts.

At Scan they are focused on the details and put their soul into even the smallest things. With their critical eye and constant search for perfection, They have created revolutionary forms and technical solutions for the benefit of their customers. By integrating the handles in the design and ensuring easy operation, they have combined form and function. This is one of many examples of what yhey call a "smooth finish".

Enjoying the warmth from a perfect flame behind the stove's glass is the ultimate form of relaxation and enjoyment. Scan's design process always focuses on creating extremely beautiful images of the flame and the best view.


The choice to produce Jøtul's products from cast iron is exclusively based on the material’s extreme high quality and durability. Wood stoves from Jøtul do not deform, the doors stay in place and hinges and closing mechanisms remain reliable even after long-term load. In addition, spare parts extend further the longevity of a Jøtul product.

Norway is known around the world for their attitude towards sustainability and the environment and they have the strictest demands regarding emissions in the world. This is the reason why Jøtul perfects fuel utilisation and optimises the heating effect from their products at all times. This is good news for your wallet and the environment.

Products from Jøtul represent a functional, modern design. They are innovating, yet will stand the test of time beyond short-term trends. At Jøtul they are convinced that form should follow function and that good design is more that what meets the eye. Several of their products have received acknowledged design awards to support this statement.


The Norwegian word for fire is ILD, and fire means heat. This is what the clean burning stoves from IKD are about. The clean cut and seamless design is why an ILD stove brings extra value to your home.

Made by ILD (a Jøtul Group Company) these fires have all the benefits of Danish design in both looks and efficiency but at a lower price.

All Ild's stoves may be fitted with a kit to supply external air. The air can be added from either the wall behind the bottom of the stove. The Kit for external air supply meets the requirements for balanced ventilation in new houses. Closed combustion is also an advantage in that it saves fuel by preventing the stove from stealing already heated air for combustion.

With clean burn technology your fireplace has a dual combustion system, which converts up to 90% of the gases and particles in smoke to heat. This results in the absolute minimum level of smoke emission because the stove uses the energy to produce heat instead of smoke. A clean burn stove needs much less wood than the “old” non-cleanburn stove to be able to generate a certain amount of heat. If you light your fire correctly, you can almost halve your consumption of wood. In this way, you will obtain the maximum heat from burning wood without it having a detrimental impact on the environment. You will also save money from your lower consumption of wood, into the bargain.