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LIFESTYLE FIRES is a Johannesburg based importer of high quality wood stoves from Denmark and Norway.

The owner, Malcolm Sims, has been in the fireplace retail business for the last 20 plus years and has seen the changes and growth in the South African domestic heating market over this period.

20 years ago homes used electricity as their principal source of domestic heating; with perhaps an addition open wood fire for the ambience and additional heat required in the lounge in winter season.

Electricity has now become an expensive source of heat. For a while bottled gas was popular to power gas fires and heaters, but with the continued rise in petrol and gas prices these too have become expensive sources of energy.

The big growth over the last decade has been the increased sales in wood stoves as these units take over as the primary source of space heating for homes. This surge in demand for these principally prompted by economics. Burning wood in a good quality wood stove will provide heat at about 25c per Kilowatt hour. This equates to 20% of the price of electricity and about 15% the price of bottle gas heating.

In addition all the units we import are regarded as environmentally friendly, by European and American governments.

These remarkable units have a pane of glass separating the fire from the room. This coupled with the design of the air vents and the combustion chamber of the unit, bring the efficiency of the unit up to about 60 to 80%. Remarkable when one considers an open wood fire would run at a peak of 5 to 20% efficient.

Air is drawn into the fire through controllable vents. These control the rate of burn of the wood to match it to your heating requirements. When running on high air settings the unit will typically burn through a load of wood in about 2 hours, but with large quantities of heat. When the air controls are mostly closed, the fire can burn for 6 to 8 hours on a single load of wood and give 2 to 3 Kw per hour to keep the house warm.

These units are capable of heating a large portion of your home to shirtsleeve conditions in winter, for a running cost of about R3000 to R4000 per winter.

Lifestyle Fires has been one of the front runners of the Wood Stove market in SA since they imported the first Scan units back in 1998. We have since added the Jotul and ILD brands to our range, giving us a choice of style from the traditional classical look through to today’s ultra modern sleek lines.

We invite you to have a look at our products, download our brochures and pop into one of our nationwide dealers to have a look at these timeless units.

You will be assured of warm winters at home thereafter.

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